Come Home Soon Malc!

Someone asked what was up with Malcolm.  Well, I've been holding that information protectively because he's my little boy (who is turning 25 years old next month), and he is in Afghanistan, and that freaks me out.  Yet, words truly cannot express how impressed and proud I feel when thinking and talking about my Malc.  Instead of continuing to ask me to pay for his school, he decided that he wanted to be independent.  He saw joining the military as a way to accomplish that goal.  NOT the way I wanted him to accomplish it, but he made that decision on his own.  I would gladly have found a way to pay for him versus having him go to Afghanistan, but he wanted to be independent and handle things on his own.  Every time I talk to him, I'm am in awe of how much my little Malc has grown up.  He is truly becoming an amazingly compassionate, insightful and strong young man.  He will be home in November and WE CANNOT WAIT!   He's proven himself to be much braver than I have ever been.  So proud of him!

Here is a photo of him with his girlfriend.  I cannot believe how awesome the women are that my sons have in their lives.  I know a lot of normal families, and their sons don't have girlfriends even half as awesome as my sons'.  Did I mention Malc's girlfriend is adopted?  Does it get any better than that?  Oh yes, keeping it as far from normal as possible!  Just how we like it.  This is what a real family looks like.