Two very different worlds...

I was reading these two stories (Out of tragedy, sportsmanship has a shining moment and One Armed Host Scaring Kids, Parents Say)and couldn't help but to notice how very different they are in terms of tolerance, acceptance and compassion (or lack thereof). It really is amazing what a compassionate society can create and vice versa.

Malcolm's senior year of high school, the student body elected a student with severe cerebral palsy (who was unable to walk or speak verbally) as their homecoming king. This kid could always be seen on the sidelines of sporting events, sitting in his wheelchair alongside his Dad. Prior to the homecoming game, I didn't even realize he was a student at St. Joe. I earned a lot of respect for the student body that day, and frankly, for their parents as well. I was touched that these kids (teenagers for God's sake) would make such a thoughtful and considerate choice for their homecoming king; and for a few hours, my faith in humanity was restored.